Kat Von D Serpentina Palette

Hey guys! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week. A few days ago, the Kat Von D Serpentina palette launched on the KVD brand and Sephora websites. Naturally, I had to get it to try out for you guys! I ordered it Tuesday and it was waiting for me when I got home from work today. Sephora never lets me down with that Flash 2 Day shipping.

kat von d serpentina palette

kat von d serpentina palette inside

I should start by saying that I had some reservations about this palette. I wanted to purchase it regardless so I could review it for you guys, but based on my experience with some of KVD’s previous palettes, I wasn’t sure I would end up liking it!

Let’s discuss the packaging first. It’s a very long palette, similar to the length of Jeffree Star’s Beauty Killer. Serpentina is constructed out of cardboard but it feels very sturdy, especially with its magnetic closure. The palette itself is pretty weighty in-hand. I didn’t expect the pans to be set so deeply inside the palette, but I suppose it’s necessary in order to make room for the jar of pigment and the mirror. The sifter jar of pigment pops out of the tray and is made of plastic, which doesn’t bother me because it feels fairly sturdy. I like that the top of the lid is transparent so you can see the pigment inside.

kat von d serpentina palette eyeshadows

kat von d serpentina palette eyeshadows and pigment

kat von d serpentina palette prophet loose pigment

I swatched all colors the same way to show the differences in pigmentation between the shades:

  • Bloodmilk: Great pigmentation, very creamy. A little kick up in the pan after swatching, but nothing major.
  • Medusa: Great pigmentation. Nothing negative to say about this shade except that I would have preferred a different color, given that we have Prophet!
  • Ankh: Fairly pigmented for a black glitter eyeshadow, but we have hella fallout with this one. It’s definitely the worst with fallout in this palette!
  • Queen: Very nice, beautiful shade. Good pigmentation, good application, no chunkiness to the formula. Nothing negative to say!
  • Hieroglyph: Performs similarly to Queen, only a little less pigmented. There’s nothing glaringly awesome or glaringly negative to say about either of these shades.
  • Nile: Absolutely beautiful color, but the formula leaves a lot to be desired. Probably the 3rd worst with fallout in this palette. While really pigmented, the formula balled up under my finger while in the pan. Lots of kick-up in the pan as well.
  • Scarab: Great color, but the 2nd worst (or maybe tied for 1st?) about fallout in this palette. The same issues as Nile, honestly. You can see the clumps in the swatch picture below!
  • Venom: A decent matte. I know purples are hard to formulate, so I will take it easy on this shade. It could have certainly been worse.
  • Prophet: I was a little skeptical to try Prophet, as this was my first loose shadow that I’ve ever messed with. I swatched it loose on my arm, but when I applied it to my mobile lid, I dampened the brush with Fix+ first. LAWD. The pigmentation, the shine. A little went a very long way and it blended easily with the other shadows I used.

kat von d serpentina swatches

kat von d serpentina after swatches

kat von d eye look eotd

In the future, I will definitely use a transition shade before working with these colors. I was able to do a decent job on my quick & dirty EOTD above, but that was mostly thanks to a previously used blending brush covered with a peachy neutral shadow haha. It’s a bummer that this palette doesn’t come with a transition shade included, but I also think that helps keep the palette extremely versatile. You can literally pair it with anything! I will certainly continue playing with this palette, but so far I am very impressed and very much enjoying Serpentina. I think this palette is an excellent alternative for those who want to start wearing colored shadows but aren’t interested in neon brights. The colors in this palette also seem like they’ll look perfect on all skintones and would look great for fall!

Who else managed to get their hands on Serpentina? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to see the looks you come up with! ❤

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette, Skin Frost Highlighters, and Gemini Liquid Lipstick!

Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a great week so far. Today, I have a mega review post for you—all Jeffree Star. I have the Beauty Killer Palette, the Skin Frost highlighters, and Gemini!

jeffree star beauty killer palette skin frost highlighters gemini liquid lipstick

Beauty Killer Palette. The Beauty Killer palette boasts 10 shades, each weighing about .09 oz. For reference, a standard MAC eyeshadow is .04 oz. The palette itself is cardboard with a magnetic closure and very slim. The shadows come in three different formulae: matte, frost, and glitter. The palette offers both bright and neutral shades. The pans are huge and are arranged into quads to easily create different looks.

jeffree star beauty-killer-swatches

All the shadows in this palette are super pigmented, but Rich Bitch is a bit of a problem child. It’s a beautiful shadow but feels a little gritty when swatched and is a bit of a struggle to apply evenly. The matte shadows do not feel chalky and are easy to work with. My personal favorite is Courtney. It’s such a beautiful shade and is perfect for those transitions! The glitter shadows are also easy to work with, but I do wish there was more glitter in the swatches. I suppose that’s a typical struggle with glitter shadows, though.

The Beauty Killer Palette retails for $45. Honestly, I think the price is a steal for what you get—10 gigantic shadows with a great formula. This palette would definitely be best for someone who is either very comfortable working with bright colors or is interested in trying them out. Overall, it’s an excellent palette and one you could use for a variety of looks. The fact that it contains a transition shade is a huge plus for me because that means you don’t have to pull in shadows from other palettes if you don’t want to!

Skin Frost Highlighters. I am straight up obsessed with these babies. Each compact contains 0.5 oz of product (roughly twice as much as a Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector)! At $29, this product is a steal. I purchased the bundle to save a little cash and to get a chance to review them all. There are some slight discrepancies with the formula between shades. King Tut is much creamier and softer than Peach Goddess and Mint Condition, while Ice Cold feels a little less creamy and more dense.

jeffree star skin frost highlighter swatches

All of them swatch and apply beautifully though. Ice Cold is a white gold on my skin tone. I expected it to be a replica of Becca Pearl, but I actually think this highlighter is much more flattering. I also found that Ice Cold did not leave a white cast on the skin in indirect light. Peach Goddess is without a doubt my favorite of all the Skin Frosts! It’s beautiful in the pan but when applied, it looks like the most perfect peachy gold highlight. Mint Condition may look intimidating, but I found that unless I really packed it on my skin, it looked like a super unique silvery highlight, not straight-up green. King Tut is a beautiful bronze gold, but is much too dark for my skintone, like I suspected.

I would be remiss not to include that there have been reports surfacing online that these highlighters are easily damaged during shipping, particularly King Tut. I did not experience these issues and found that my order was very well packed, with each compact double-wrapped with bubble wrap and paper. However, since I bought the whole bundle AND the palette, that could be why mine didn’t shatter, since the box was very full. I think these are exquisite highlighters and that, unless you’re ordering King Tut, the risk is not large enough to justify not purchasing them. If you’re skeptical, you could always purchase them through Beautylish instead of the Jeffree Star site. I haven’t heard of as many incidents with orders purchased from there, but makeup is particularly fragile and damage during shipping is not necessarily unheard of. I think this is just something we makeup addicts have to deal with from time to time. Luckily, powder compacts can be repressed!

Like I said above, I think the Skin Frost highlighters are exquisite. They are high-quality, unique colors, and very reasonably priced when you consider how much product you’re actually getting. I cannot wait for Jeffree to release more colors in the future, because I will likely want them all!

Gemini Velour Liquid Lipstick. I have discussed the Velour Liquid Lipsticks a few different times on my blog. I recently used Gemini in an FOTD that I posted.

jeffree star gemini liquid lipstick urban decay glitter

It is described as a “terracotta warm-toned nude.” It actually reminds me a lot of Kat Von D’s Lolita II, but it’s not as orange. I found Gemini to be extremely wearable and flattering on my skintone and the formula is just as awesome as ever. This is the first Velour Liquid Lipstick that I’ve purchased for several months and I have noticed a strong rootbeer float scent has been added to the formula. I am not particularly sensitive to scents, but since I’m not crazy about rootbeer (I know, I know) it was off-putting at first. However, the scent does not linger after the lipstick dries down, so I’m cool with it, but I wanted to mention the scent since I know there are people out there who greatly dislike scented cosmetics.

This concludes my Jeffree Star Cosmetics mega-review! Are any of these products on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments ❤

First Impression & Swatches – Morphe 35T Palette

morphe 35T palette

Hello and Happy Friday, everyone!

I got the Morphe 35T palette a few weeks ago, and with the holidays and other products, I never got around to playing around with it. Like most Morphe palettes, it contains 35 shadows in a variety of finishes. The shades in this palette are of the rose gold variety. Most are cool-toned, but there are some rich, warm golds thrown in to complement the rest of the palette.

Morphe palettes are generally ranked pretty positively on the interwebz. After trying the 35O palette, I knew I had to get more of them! The quality of the shadows are really great and you cannot beat the price. The formula of the Morphe palettes is really soft and buttery, similar to Lorac’s. They are extremely pigmented and very easy to blend out.

And now, onto the swatches!

morphe 35t palette swatches row 1

morphe 35t palette swatches row 2

morphe 35t palette swatches row 3

morphe 35t palette swatches row 4

morphe 35t palette swatches row 5

Like the 35O, the 35T doesn’t contain any shade names and the quality of the shadows in this palette are definitely comparable to Morphe singles. I think this palette might actually be slightly higher quality than the 35O! The matte shades are slightly more buttery and the palette as a whole isn’t as big on fallout as some shades in the 35O were.

This palette would obviously be great on its own, but I can definitely see it being used in junction with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, which is chock full of rose gold and pinky shades.

If you love cool-toned neutrals and rose gold shades, the 35T is definitely for you. I’m looking forward to getting more use out of this and playing with it more!

Do you guys have any Morphe palettes? Which one is your favorite? ❤

Viseart Dark Matte Palette

Hey, everyone! Pretty much everyone and their mother has been lusting over the Viseart palettes for like the past year. At first, I was skeptical of the hype. I’ll admit that. It was hard for me to wrap my head around an $80 eyeshadow palette. I was pretty new to the makeup game and I didn’t see how an eyeshadow formula could be that much better than, say, Urban Decay or MAC.

A few weeks ago, after seeing ample swatches and glowing reviews, I broke down and bought the Dark Matte palette to try out. I chose that palette because I absolutely loved the colors and felt it was the palette that best complemented what I already own.

viseart dark matte palette

viseart dark matte palette open

Look at those colors. The minimal design of the palette. Just… Okay? OOF. So beautiful.

I really love how minimal the packaging design is on this palette. No frills, no excess, no flash. Viseart really lets the quality of their products speak for themselves.

Let’s get on to the formula. The shadows in this palette are all super soft. Some are a bit more buttery than others, but none of them are chalky or excessively dry. They’re very pigmented and easy to work with.

viseart dark matte palette swatches

As you can see, I went a little ham and decided to fit the whole palette on one arm. I love all of the colors in this palette. They’re perfect for fall and winter and are great for creating vampy, grungy looks. I’m especially drawn to the oranges and reds, though, because I am a sucker for warm tones! 🙂

The two dark blues were probably the least pigmented of the palette, but even though they are the most difficult to work with, their quality is still better than most mid-end shadow formulas.

If you can swing the price point, you really owe it to yourself to buy one of Viseart’s palettes! I want to purchase more in the future, particularly the Neutral Matte and Bridge Editorial palettes.

Have any of you fallen under Viseart’s spell as well?! Let me know what your favorite palette is in the comments ❤

Swatches & First Impressions: Colourpop Holiday Sets

Happy Sunday, everyone! Yesterday I got a pretty sweet delivery, the new Colourpop Holiday Sets that I ordered! I’m really looking forward to playing with these some more, but I thought I’d give my first impressions and some swatches for you to see!

colourpop cosmetics holiday sets

I bought the eyeshadow and gel liner sets. I love the packaging of these! They were packed so securely in a large box, but the sets themselves came with a pretty large mirror on the inside of each lid. Each product fit securely in the box so nothing rolled around or could break. Packaging is one of many things that Colourpop does very well. Although their products are very inexpensive, the packaging is well-designed, sturdy, and sleek.

colourpop cosmetics holiday eyeshadow set

Top to bottom, left to right: Valley Girl, Thirsty Girl, Fan Girl, Party Girl, That Girl, Roller Girl.

colourpop cosmetics holiday gel liner set

Top to bottom, left to right: Frill, Soiree, Bustier, Soiree, Polar, Bustier.

And now, on to the swatches!

colourpop cosmetics holiday eyeshadow swatches

Top to bottom: Valley Girl, Party Girl, Thirsty Girl, That Girl, Fan Girl, Roller Girl.

colourpop cosmetics holiday collection gel liner swatches

Top to bottom: Frill, Soiree, Bustier, Soiree, Polar, Bustier.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this collection! The eyeshadows are all so beautiful, wonderfully pigmented, and super creamy. The gel liners are also really creamy and pigmented and have insane staying power. After these swatches, I had to scrub like crazy to fully remove them!

The colors in this collection remind me so much of the holiday season. They aren’t your stereotypical colors like bright red or holly green, but they are so glittery and festive that I couldn’t help but get in the Christmas spirit when I was swatching them! These colors will be perfect for holiday parties, New Year’s Eve parties… basically any event this season!

Did you buy any of the Colourpop holiday sets? What was your favorite? Let me know in the comments! ❤

Side note: I feel like I should apologize for the lighting in the swatch pictures! My new apartment doesn’t have as much natural light as my previous place did, so I’m trying to work out the kinks until I can get a real lighting setup. 🙂

First Impressions & Swatches – Lorac Mega Pro 2!

Earlier this week, I went to my local Ulta and picked up the newly released Mega Pro 2 by Lorac. This is my first Lorac palette, so I was super excited to go home and try this out!

The Mega Pro 2 comes in a navy and silver box. The box has an iridescent coating, which makes it look sleek but extremely hard to photograph. After opening the box, I was confused why they would make the packaging so bulky, because the palette itself is only half an inch thick, while the box is around 1.5″ thick. This seemed pretty wasteful to me, especially when there were no booklets or samples in the box with the palette.


The palette itself looks very similar to the Mega Pro 1. It is pretty sturdy and slightly larger than my hand. It’s made from cardboard, with invisible magnet closures, and is wrapped in a matte, rubber coating. The name of the palette is done in a silver foil that really pops against the blue.


Inside the palette are a whopping 32 shades—16 matte and 16 shimmer/metallic. Prior to buying the MP2, I’d read several reviews online talking about Lorac’s amazing shadow formula. To be honest, I was skeptical because makeup is so incredibly personal—what works for you might be terrible to someone else.

I was wrong to be skeptical in this instance! Lorac’s shadows are so creamy and smooth, even the matte shades! They are quite pigmented and easy to blend. However, I noticed during swatching and while working with the palette that their formula allows for a lot of powder to kick up onto the palette. This isn’t a terrible thing, but it can look very messy over time.

And now, for the swatches! All swatches were done on bare skin, without primer.


Row 1 (L to R): Porcelain, Custard, Tawny, Burlap, Melon, Tangerine, Saddle, Forest


Row 2 (L to R): Bisque, Lavender, Purple, Sorbet, Goji, Cabernet, Ash, Black


Row 3 (L to R): Sugar, Chiffon, Prosecco, Soft Plum, Cinnamon, Sandstone, Gunmetal, Blue Quartz


Row 4 (L to R): Moonlight, Seashell, Peony, Dark Sienna, Penny, Olivine, Gold Leave, Black Ivy

lorac mega pro 2 closed eye
lorac mega pro 2 open eye

Shadows used: Crease: Tawny, Sorbet, Tangerine; Outer V: Goji, Saddle; Lid: Sorbet, Peony; Inner Corner: Sugar; Brow Bone: Porcelain.

Final thoughts: The Lorac Mega Pro 2 is a really nice palette that offers a great formula and color range to allow you to do a variety of looks. Some colors swatch better than others, but none of them feel chalky or are difficult to blend out. This would be a great palette for someone who is looking to purchase their first large palette, but it will add to the collection of a seasoned makeup addict as well!