What I Wanted the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette to be

Hey guys! This is going to be a different blog post than usual. As you guys know, Too Faced released the much-hyped Sweet Peach Palette in mid-March. I bought it the day it was released at my local Ulta and was so pumped to get it! I’d been dying over the design of the case, the fact that it was supposed to smell like peaches… It was going to be heaven for me, even though I wished it was peachier. I had seen Temptalia’s review before I purchased it and was a little underwhelmed by the results, but I convinced myself I’d like it anyway. I mean, I’m not that hard to please, right?

When I got home from work that night, I popped the palette out of its box and was ready to play. First off, it smelled delicious. The palette felt sturdy in my hand. But once I started playing with it, I realized that it wasn’t all that I wanted it to be.

too faced sweet peach palette

too faced sweet peach swatches

Don’t get me wrong, the shades are beautiful, but it felt more like a standard warm neutral palette, which I love but don’t necessarily need more of, than a peach palette. The pigmentation was also inconsistent. Some of the shades were up to Too Faced’s general standard, while others were very patchy and chalky. The neutrals were primarily what performed the best, which is especially disappointing since the reason I bought the palette was for the peachy shades!

Since I got Sweet Peach, I’ve actually used it on my eyes maybe two times. Many of the colors are still untouched except for the two times I’ve swatched the whole palette.

Being bummed about Sweet Peach caused me to do some research to build my own version of what I wanted the palette to be. I came across a post on Reddit that showed how someone made their own 10-pan peach palette using only Inglot shadows. I am a big fan of Inglot and already own some of their shadows, so I placed my order on Beautylish as soon as I saw the post and swatches. I didn’t need to be convinced anymore! Here’s a list of shades I got:

  • 26 Shine
  • 612 Double Sparkle
  • 15 Shine
  • 605 Pearl
  • 12 Shine
  • 313 Matte
  • 312 Matte
  • 361 Matte
  • 314 Matte
  • 335 Matte

inglot custom peach palette

inglot peach palette swatches

Beautiful, right? Although the price of buying a custom Inglot palette is higher than the original Sweet Peach, I think it’s justified because I’m getting exactly the colors I wanted and WAY more product (0.95g for each Sweet Peach shadow vs 2.3g for each Inglot shadow). These are exactly the colors I wanted from the Sweet Peach palette too, and to me that makes this custom palette worth it. I do still want dupes for Bless Her Heart and Peach Pit but given Inglot’s extensive catalog of shades, I should be able to easily find dupes and just add them to my 20-pan palette in the future.

Here’s a final comparison pic of Sweet Peach vs Inglot. What do you guys think?

too faced sweet peach versus inglot custom peach palette

6 thoughts on “What I Wanted the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette to be

  1. Yes! The ingot palette you created is what I desperately wanted the sweet peach palette to look like. Ever since the too faced palette released, I debated on whether or not to get it but I never did.

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