Contouring for Fair Skin: Sephora vs. Makeup Geek

Happy Sunday (or early Monday morning), everyone! As a fair gal, contouring can present a bit of a challenge when choosing the right shade. A lot of the cult favorites in the makeup world just will not work because the undertone is off or they’re too dark. Fortunately, many companies over the past year have taken it upon themselves to create contour shades for both fair skintones and WOC in an effort to be more inclusive and meet the needs of their consumer base.

I have two fair contour powders to compare today: Tranquil by Sephora and Break Up (Cool Porcelain) by Makeup Geek. Both are relatively inexpensive: Tranquil is $14 and Break Up is $10 plus shipping (both prices listed in USD). Tranquil is a cool, taupe gray and Break Up is a pale fawn color. As far as formula, both are good quality, but Tranquil requires a little bit of build up while Break Up is extremely pigmented and it’s easy to apply too much. Given that these are contour powders, I would personally be happier with a powder that needs built up rather than one that I’d have to blend, blend, blend to make it look less harsh.

contour powders fair skin

sephora tranquil contour powder

Sephora Tranquil

makeup geek break up contour powder

Makeup Geek Break Up

As you can see, the cool undertones of Tranquil look more natural on fair skin. It imitates a natural shadow much more effortlessly. To me, Break Up is much too warm to be considered a contour powder for cool undertones. It looks like a bronzer to me! I think Break Up would work well on someone that’s more neutral or warm-toned, but it is not for cool skin.

While the Makeup Geek formula is great (like always!) I think the undertone selection on the fair-light end of the spectrum leaves quite a bit to be desired. I hope Marlena releases additional shades in the future to accommodate a larger range of undertones for all skintones!

Have you tried the Sephora or Makeup Geek contour powders? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Contouring for Fair Skin: Sephora vs. Makeup Geek

  1. I like the Makeup Geek shade better on you. The other one looks a bit muddy to me. I like a warmer contour shade, plus she has a cooler shade for fair skin tones. I think once you put on your highlighter and blush the MUG contiur will look great! I found a great contour/highlighter kit from Makeup Factory for fair skin. I’ll be reviewing it soon. It’s a cooler contour shade, so you may like it more. Stay tuned for the review….

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