Colourpop Ultra Satin lipsticks!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone’s had a relaxing weekend. Colourpop is back at it again with the Ultra Satin lipsticks. These are liquid lipsticks that don’t dry down to a matte finish, but rather set to a comfortable satin finish.

I picked up five different shades in the launch to test a good range of the shades: The Rabbit, Frick N Frack, Too Lips, Marshmallow, and Petit Four.

colourpop ultra satin liquid lipsticks

The Ultra Satin formula reminds me a lot of the Ofra Cosmetics liquid lipsticks. They are a thick, mousse-y consistency. But unlike the Ofra formula, which is stiff like icing, the Ultra Satin formula is a lot creamier. It spreads easily when applied and is very opaque.

It takes a couple minutes for the lipstick to set up. After that, it’s a little tacky, but it doesn’t feel slippery like a traditional lipstick would. It does transfer in a kiss test and wears away while eating similar to a traditional lipstick, so these don’t have the lasting power that other liquid lipsticks have. The Ultra Satin lipsticks can be layered for touch ups, which I am definitely a fan of because that’s the only thing I dislike about most matte liquid lipsticks.

colourpop ultra satin liquid lipsticks the rabbit

The Rabbit is definitely my favorite! It’s a beautiful hot pink color with blue reflects. The formula is a little thinner than the rest, but I found it to apply evenly, smoothly, and it sets up quickly.

frick n frack colourpop ultra satin liquid lipsticks

Frick N Frack is a rosy terracotta color that I think would be perfect for fall! This formula is thicker than that of The Rabbit, and the standard consistency for the other shades.

toolips colourpop ultra satin liquid lipsticks

Toolips is such a beautiful color! This deepened plum brown applies so smoothly and doesn’t magnify the appearance of lip lines.

marshmallow colourpop ultra satin liquid lipstick

Marshmallow is not a color I would usually wear, but this lavender grey is surprisingly wearable! It’s perfect for spring and applies very smoothly.

petit four colourpop ultra satin liquid lipstick

Petit Four is described as a deep charcoal grey, but it looks more like a slate blue when on my lips. This formula is a lot drier and stiffer than the rest. I had a few issues with pigmentation but they were mostly resolved with a second layer.

All in all, I love these Ultra Satin lipsticks! I actually ordered one of the nude shades, Magic Wand, a few hours ago so I can try it out too. Nothing can ever replace my matte liquid lipsticks, but these are a great alternative if my lips are super dry or if I’m just going out for a couple hours.

Have you tried the Ultra Satin lipsticks? What do you think of them? ❀

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