Dupe Alert: Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Palette vs. Melt Radioactive Stack

Hey everyone! I haven’t seen many posts online about dupes for the Melt Radioactive Stack. Since I have the KVD Mi Vida Loca Palette, which is pretty much the pinnacle bright palette, I decided to compare the two!

kat von d mi vida loca vs melt radioactive stack swatches dupes

While the colors were close, there were no exact dupes. Overall, I found that the shades in the Melt Radioactive Stack were much more vivid and neon than Mi Vida Loca. The Radioactive Stack was also much more pigmented and I found that I didn’t have to dig into the pans for good color payoff.

While Mi Vida Loca was also pigmented and easy to work with, I feel like the colors just weren’t as vivid. They felt like more wearable versions of the colors in the Radioactive Stack. That was most apparent in Neon vs. Fran. As you can see above, Neon really pops while Fran is pigmented, but a more mild, banana yellow.

The finishes of Radon and Xenon also made a huge difference. The subtle color shifts in the pigments make them decidedly unique, especially compared to the matte Analogue and shimmer of Vinyl.

I don’t dislike Mi Vida Loca by any means. It was a crazy good deal and the color selection makes it a great palette for those who love color and also for those who want to incorporate more bright colors into your eyeshadow collection. However, I think that Melt Radioactive is a better fit if you want vivid, in-your-face eyeshadows. It is also a permanent addition to the Melt collection, while Mi Vida Loca is no longer for sale.

Do you own Melt Radioactive or Mi Vida Loca? Which is your favorite? ❤

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