MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor

Hey everyone! This review is slightly belated; it got lost in my drafts folder and I forgot to publish it!

MAC Cosmetics released their own line of liquid lipsticks a few weeks ago. They were kinda late to the party, since brands have been releasing their own liquid lipstick collections for months now, but the delay in their release has allowed MAC to perfect their formula.

The Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolors are soft and mousse-y. The consistency is not quite as liquidy as Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks and not as thick as Ofra Cosmetics’ formula. The Retro Mattes are quite pigmented and dry down quickly to a velvet matte finish. The applicator is a flat and triangular, which allows you to get a nice, crisp edge when applying.

mac retro matte liquid lipcolor

And now, for comparison swatches! The downside to the MAC Retro Mattes are that most of the shades are fairly dupeable. Someone with a larger collection of lipsticks would no doubt have a match for all four of the shades I bought. Tailored to Tease and Oh, Lady were the hardest shades for me to dupe from my own collection.

mac cosmetics quite the standout comparison swatches

mac cosmetics fashion legacy comparison swatches

mac cosmetics tailored to tease comparison swatches

mac cosmetics oh lady comparison swatches

Of the four that I purchased, Tailored to Tease is definitely my favorite. It is not as dupeable as Fashion Legacy or Quite the Standout, nor is it as patchy as Oh, Lady.

I have worn all of these for extended periods of time and they have worn very well. I have yet to experience any bleeding, crumbling, or cracking. The only real negative part of the formula that I know of is Oh, Lady’s patchiness, which is common in darker, vampy shades.

Do you have any of the MAC Retro Mattes? How do they hold up to the rest of the liquid lipsticks in your collection? ❤

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