Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Stack!


Hey everyone! Melt Cosmetics recently launched a new eyeshadow stack. The Radioactive Stack is an eyeshadow and pressed pigment palette. It boasts four beautiful neon colors in different finishes. Radioactive (hot pink) and Neon (yellow) are both very matte, while Xenon (lime green) and Radon (orange) both have a metallic/duochrome sheen to them.

melt radioactive stack swatches

I was super excited for this release! I’ve been wanting to try Melt’s eyeshadow stacks for a while now, but I already had eyeshadows similar to those in Love Sick and Dark Matter.

The formula of the Radioactive Stack is quite interesting. The shadows are extremely pigmented, soft, buttery, but yet it feels a little dry under my fingers. When I swatched the shadows or dipped my brush into them, a lot of powder kicked up. While this isn’t a major problem, I feel like it could cause a lot of product waste over time.

The eyeshadows were easy to work with. I had no trouble laying color down or blending everything out. I tried these without a base or primer and found that Neon was the least pigmented and difficult to build up. I also dealt with a lot of fallout with Neon, but tapping my brush off eliminated the majority of it.

When I was looking back at pictures, I noticed that even though I went over my lid a few times, there were still a few places that had patchy application. Xenon, however, blended in with Neon seamlessly and was very easy to work with.

melt radioactive stack neon and radon

melt radioactive neon radon

Next, I tried Radioactive and Radon together. Both pigments were very easy to apply and blend. Although I didn’t use a base or primer with this look either, I didn’t have any issues with pigmentation or application. These are probably my favorite shadows of the stack; I love how they pop with my eye color!

melt radioactive stack radioactive and radon

melt radioactive radon

Overall, I really like this eyeshadow stack! Neon shadows are nothing new, but the duochrome shifts to Xenon and Radon make this release unique. These colors will complement any neutral palette you have and can work in a number of ways with so many different looks. It’s definitely worth the investment!

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8 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Stack!

  1. On the site it says Radon and Radioactive contain ingredients that are not approved for the eyes. I also noticed none of the model have those colors on their eyes. And on Dana Bomar’s Instagram, she never uses Radon and Radioactive on her eyes either. I’ve used these on my eyes twice and nothing seems to have gone wrong, but I’m wondering if I should stop. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    • It’s a legality. Red, orange, and bright pink eyeshadows typically have this caution because the ingredient helps make the color. All eyeshadows from all brands that are in the color family contain the warning, but they are safe to use around the eyes. Companies just have to play by the FDA rules.


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