L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation!

Hey everyone! I recently picked up L’Oreal’s new True Match Lumi Cushion foundation at Ulta. Cushion foundations are starting to break onto the scene due to the surging popularity of K Beauty.

loreal true match lumi cushion foundation

The Lumi Cushion foundation comes in 12 different shades in warm, neutral, and cool undertones. I’ve never worn L’Oreal foundations before, so I chose N2 to try out.

The packaging for this foundation is so great! It comes in a sturdy plastic compact, metallic rose gold on top and white on the bottom. When you open it, there is a space to keep your applicator puff, which closes over the foundation cushion. Cushion foundations are great for travel and for girls on the go because they’re so easy to apply and touch up!

The formula is very lightweight and comfortable. I used the puff that came with the foundation to apply it and I got light-medium coverage from just one layer. I applied one more layer over problem areas, like the redness in my cheeks, which didn’t conceal all of it, but that rarely happens so I’m cool with that haha.

After I applied the foundation, I forgot I had it on! It’s so lightweight and breathable that I felt like I had no makeup on. This foundation is perfect for everyday or if you want a fresh, dewy look.

The only real quibble I have with this foundation is the price. I paid $16.99 for a 0.47 oz product. Given that most foundations are 1 oz, this price point is on-par with a standard mid-range brand. I personally don’t mind paying for a product that works, but I know the cost of this foundation will alienate some customers.

What do you guys think of cushion foundations? Have you tried this one? Let me know in the comments! ❤

13 thoughts on “L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation!

  1. I like the undertones for LOreal foundations, but I still never can find one that matches me, haha. #ghostproblems The price looks too much for half the product, I would not buy this one even if I had the spare money. I like to keep my foundations fluid.


  2. Nooo! This cushion foundation is way inferior to the Korean ones. The sponge is so cheaply made and it’s over-saturated, you can’t even refill the case with a new sponge (you have to chuck the whole case), and the puff isn’t as good as the famous blue air puffs in Korea.

    I really wish people knew how much better the Korean ones are, and with those you get way more bang for your buck.

    The only issue with the Korean ones is that you can’t get super dark shades.


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