Zahra Beauty x Trendmood Get Glam Tray

Hey everyone! I have been in the process of collecting things for my makeup room for a while now. Most recently, I’ve been looking for new organizers. The ones I currently have are nice, but I’m looking for something that will maximize storage and also not take up too much counterspace.

When I saw that Zahra Beauty and Trendmood were releasing an organizer collab, I was intrigued. Trendmood is the first beauty blogger that’s a makeup enthusiast, to my knowledge, to do a brand collab. She is also the one of the first (again, to my knowledge) to collaborate with a brand that makes cosmetic organizers.

zahra beauty trendmood1 get glam tray shot

The Get Glam tray was designed to hold all your daily makeup. There are three parts: a tall, rectangular holder, a sectioned tray, and a deep, open tray. These three pieces were made to fit together or work separately, depending on your needs.

I have to admit, I was a little surprised at its size. It’s quite a bit smaller than I expected it to be. That happens when you’re ordering an internet-only product though, so I’m not too upset about it.

zahra beauty trendmood1 get glam tray closeup

My goal at this point was to fit as many things in the Get Glam Tray as I could! I started with my most-used products and found a slot for all of my daily products and even some lipsticks. I was most impressed that my Laura Mercier powder fit perfectly in the right compartment, as it’s a pretty large jar.

zahra beauty trendmood1 get glam tray logo detail

In the lower tray, I was able to stack products three high, but my larger palettes like the Lorac Mega Pro 2 and Morphe 35O, two of my most used palettes, were unable to fit. I did fit all of my face palettes, though, as well as my Viseart Neutral Matte palette, which I’ve been using a lot lately.

Overall, I think the Get Glam Tray is a great organizer. It is perfect for all of my daily products, which is what Trendmood designed it for. The acrylic feels very sturdy and the pieces fit together wonderfully. It’s currently sold out on the Zahra Beauty site, but I think a restock is coming! Be sure to follow Trendmood on Instagram to stay up to date.

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