Sephora Collection x Pantone Universe Modern Watercolors Eyeshadow Palette

Hey everyone! The new Sephora x Pantone Universe collaboration for 2016 launched within the past couple weeks. Given that the Pantone colors for 2016 are Rose Quartz, a baby pink, and Serenity, a pale blue, this palette’s watercolor theme is a very good fit.


First and foremost, I love the packaging. It’s simple, sleek, and sturdy, which is exactly what you need in an eyeshadow palette. The build of it feels very similar to the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow palette, as it’s a durable plastic with a subtle shine.


The colors in this palette feel a bit random to me. There are a good mix of mattes and shimmers, which is great, but the neons, earth tones, and pastels together strike me as a bit unorthodox and weird. There are plenty of color combinations, though, so it won’t be difficult to craft looks with this palette.

Now, onto the swatches!


The majority of the colors in this palette swatch nicely, but there are a few with iffy pigmentation, particularly 12-0720, the light yellow in the first row. The pigmentation issues seemed to be restricted to the matte colors. Some felt a bit chalky to the touch and therefore required a few swipes to build up the opacity. All of the shimmers, however, swatched beautifully. They were creamy, opaque, and easy to work with.

Overall, this is a decent palette. If you’re a beginner and your collection is mostly neutrals, this can be a good palette to get to start experimenting with color, because it has a little bit of everything.

However, if you have an extensive selection of palettes, this may be one release to pass up. It’s nice palette and I don’t outright dislike it, but the pigmentation issues and odd color selection make me doubt that this is worth the $39 USD that I paid for it.

What were your experiences with this palette? Let me know in the comments! ā¤

11 thoughts on “Sephora Collection x Pantone Universe Modern Watercolors Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I feel so bad for this poor palette, I think a lot of people misunderstand it. To me it seems like it’s all in the name Watercolor. Soft, light, sheer shades in beautiful spring colors. I love that so many of the colors go on sheer, and from what I’ve tried so far they are all very buildable and blendable. A lot of the colors pair very nicely if unconventionally. Definitely not for monotone looks, but you can do amazing things with contrasting colors.

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    • I understand that it’s in the name of watercolor, but the pigmentation isn’t consistent across the different shades of the palette. Being sheer is one thing, but having very bold colors and then others, like the yellow, which just does not perform well, makes it look like a formula error. The color palette was interesting; I guess the product itself just wasn’t for me!


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