Review – Tom Ford Lips & Boys Collection

Hey everyone! Since it was such a massive hit last year, Tom Ford re-released the Lips & Boys Collection as a permanent edition to his line this year. Lips & Boys contains 50 lipsticks that were named after men that have influenced Ford in some way throughout his life and career.

tom ford lips and boys lipstick tubes

Since I own and love other lipsticks from Tom Ford, I was really excited to get a few of these to try out. Since most of the colors I wanted weren’t in my local store, I ordered four online from Nordstrom: Stavros, Roman, Vladimir, and Omar.

When they arrived, I was shocked at the small size of the lipsticks. They are slightly larger than a deluxe-size lipstick sample. For that size, I think $35 a pop is a little ridiculous.

And now, onto the swatches!


tom ford lips and boys stavros

tom ford lips and boys roman

tom ford lips and boys vladimir

tom ford lips and boys omar

The formula for all four was extremely creamy, like most Tom Ford lipsticks. However, I was really disappointed with the performance of these.

Stavros: Pretty pigmented, but I had to apply 3-4 coats to get opaque, even coverage. The color on my lips was pretty true to the bullet.

Roman: Okay pigmentation, but even after several coats, I could not get even coverage on my bottom lip. The top lip, as you can see, was a disaster. The green undertones of this lipstick did not show on the lips as well as they do in the bullet or arm swatch.

Vladimir: Probably the most disappointing of the four. Instead of a pale, taupe nude, it was a silvery sheer frost on my lips. I could not get completely even opaque coverage out of this one, especially on my top lip. The lip swatch was not true to the bullet or the arm swatch.

Omar: The best performing of the four. Two to three swipes gave me opaque, even coverage on both lips. It didn’t seem to puddle into my lip lines or slide around when I rubbed my lips together.

Overall, these were really disappointing lipsticks for multiple reasons. I’m not sure why these are drastically different from the other TF lipsticks that I own, but the lack of quality control is a huge bummer. Although I really like Omar, the price point is simply too high for me to justify keeping any of them.

I hate that I had to give these lipsticks such a negative review, I felt that I should share my experience with these so anyone thinking about buying these lipsticks could make an informed decision.

Do any of you own any of the Lips & Boys? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments! ❀

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