Product Review – IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Contour Palette

Hey guys! I hope everyone’s had a great week and is looking forward to this weekend. I know I am! 🙂

The IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face Palette is my first contour palette! I’ve seen a few reviews that it’s great for light and fair skintones, so I decided to buy it to try it out.

it cosmetics my sculpted face palette

First things first, I’m not crazy about the design of the front of the palette. A lot of IT Cosmetics’ products, like the CC creams and powders, have a very minimal and sleek look, but I wish that look was carried over to this product as well.

inside of it cosmetics my sculpted face palette

The inside of the palette, however, looks very nice. The pans are large enough for contour brushes to fit. The contour powders are pretty light and are offered in warmer and cooler shades so you can customize your contour the way you want. The palette also comes with a matte white highlight and a shimmer light pink highlight.

it cosmetics my sculpted face swatches

While the powders in general were soft and finely-milled, some of them had pigmentation issues. The white matte highlight was a little chalky and hard to build up, as was the 4th swatched shade and the darkest shade. The rest were decently pigmented, but this palette was clearly made for a more natural, subtle contour. Blending the contour shades was fairly easy as well, which is always a good thing.

All in all, this palette is suitable for lighter skintones. But since it only comes in one shade, WOC would likely be better off trying a contour kit that caters to specific skintones rather than a one-size-fits-some version such as this.

Given the quality issues, however, I’m not entirely convinced this was worth the price ($38) for only one truly suitable contour shade and one effective highlight. I wanted to love this, but I just don’t think it’s the contour palette for me.

Has anyone else used this palette? Let me hear your reactions to it! ❤

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