First Impression & Swatches – Morphe 35O Palette!

morphe 35o palette

The Morphe 35O Palette comes in a basic black, plastic palette with the Morphe logo on the front. It comes with 35 cool, neutral, and warm-toned eyeshadows in matte, satin, metallic, and shimmer finishes. There’s also a super cool duochrome shadow in the second row. The colors in this palette were meant to reflect the colors of nature, which makes it the perfect palette for fall!

I managed to score the Morphe 35O Palette during the last restock after seeing the rave reviews all over the internet. It definitely lives up to the hype—the shadows are buttery, extremely pigmented, and so easy to blend! The formula feels very similar to Lorac’s. You can create so many different looks with this palette, and for less than $25, it’s an amazing deal.

Now, on to the swatches!

morphe 35o palette swatches first row

morphe 35o palette swatches second row

morphe 35o palette swatches third row

morphe 35o swatches fourth row

morphe 35o swatches fifth row

morphe 35o palette eye look

morphe 35o palette look

None of the Morphe palettes have shadow names, which can be tough when you’re trying to recreate a look, but other than that it’s not a problem. I’ve found the shadow quality to be on-par or better than the quality of Morphe’s single shadows.

There’s only two downsides to this palette: it’s not travel-friendly, as it’s very large. There’s also no mirror in this palette. I never thought I’d miss having a mirror in a palette, as I use a large bathroom mirror to do my eye makeup, but it’s a lot more important than I realized.

All in all, this is an amazing, extremely versatile palette. I’m really looking forward to playing with it more and creating a ton of looks! I want to try other Morphe palettes as well to see how they compare! Let me know which Morphe palettes you own and how well you like them! ❤

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