NYC trip and haul!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long absence—I’ve been all over the place in the past week!

A friend and I took a day trip to NYC earlier this week (two 9 hour bus rides). It was my first time in the city and I. fell. in. love. It is such an amazing place! I can’t wait to go back for a longer trip in the future.

Naturally, being the makeup addict I am, I had a shopping list of places I wanted to go to and things I wanted to buy! I tried to keep it reasonable so I would have a reason to go back in the future (as if I needed one).

The first place we went after getting some New York pizza was the Bite Beauty Lip Lab!!! This was by far my favorite stop and the one I had looked forward to the most. It did not disappoint.

bite beauty lip lab

I had two different colors in mind: the perfect everyday MLBB and a deep berry red. For the MLBB, I wanted something that was close to my natural lip color, just so I could even the tone of my lips out on the daily. I chose a Matte Creme finish for both, and picked a Violet scent for the MLBB, while I opted for a Cherry scent for the berry color.

bite beauty haul

my lips but better bite beauty

deep berry red bite beauty lip lab

whipped cherry scrub

In addition to the two lipsticks, I also bought Bite’s Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub while I was in the Lip Lab. They used it on us to prep our lips, and it worked so well that I couldn’t leave without buying it!

Later that evening, after doing a lot more sightseeing, we went to Times Square. Holy crap, people. It was amazing. There was so much energy and the lights! I can’t.

times square

After we did a little exploring in Sephora (huge store, so selection, much wow) and MAC, we went to Inglot. I had really been looking forward to swatching their shadows in person, and naturally I had a shopping list already made! I was looking to make a dupe of the Lime Crime Venus Palette. I used to own it, but destashed it as it wasn’t getting much use. Lately though, I’d been pining for colors from that palette, so I used that as an opportunity to try Inglot shadows. I walked out with exactly what I wanted, but I also bought a nail polish that I thought complemented the palette I made.

inglot 5 pan palette and nail polish

inglot 5 pan venus palette dupe

inglot 5 pan palette venus dupe swatches

Left to Right: 450 Pearl, 55 AMC, 335 Matte, 337 Matte, 45 Shine

I haven’t really had a chance to play with my new goodies yet, as I just got back yesterday morning and I’m exhausted, but based on swatches, I’m happy with my purchases! I will definitely post a look using these shadows in the near future!

All in all, I had a great time in New York and I can’t wait to go back, especially since that means I can buy more makeup! haha Have any of you been to, or live in, NYC? What are your favorite places to shop for makeup? Any holes-in-the-wall that I should know about before my next visit?!

6 thoughts on “NYC trip and haul!

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed NYC! But two 9 hour bus rides WOW you must be crazy tired! I live in NY but when I am in the city I usually only stop by the giant Sephora. What was your favorite part of the trip??


    • Oh, you have no idea! Haha I slept 13 hours last night and was still pooped today! I would have been in bed a lot earlier tonight as well if I hadn’t had work to finish. Which Sephora do you go to, the Times Square one? My favorite part of the trip was probably Times Square, because the energy was insane and I loved just sitting and people-watching on those red bleachers. But tbh I loved it all! Do you go to NYC often?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes the Times Square one! Lol I love people watching, you definitely she some crazy characters in the city. I’m glad you had such a great time! I live about 20 mins away from the city but I don’t go very often. I do like to go once and a while but for the most part I find myself wanting to avoid it. I know that might sound strange but it’s hard to explain. It is a beautiful place though!


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