Favorite Fall Liquid Lipsticks!

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

It’s feeling more and more like fall every day here! Almost all of the leaves have changed, it’s chilly and brisk, and all I want to do is curl up with a warm cup of cocoa and watch spooky movies!

The weather has gotten me in the mood to start breaking out my darker lip colors to wear out and about. Some get more wear than others, but I have compiled a list of my favorites that will get the heaviest rotation this fall!

fall favorites liquid lipsticks swatches

Left to Right: Jeffree Star Posh Spice, Ofra x KathleenLights Miami Fever, Colourpop Tulle, ABH Trust Issues, Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood, Lime Crime Salem, Colourpop Guess.


Jeffree Star – Posh Spice. I mentioned this color in a previous review post, but it has become my favorite nude for fall. It’s a gorgeous muted taupe that looks chic yet edgy, which is exactly what I hope to achieve! The formula of Jeffree Star’s liquid lipsticks are also to die for. If you haven’t bought any, I highly recommend checking them out.


Ofra x KathleenLights Miami Fever. I have been pleasantly surprised by this one! I bought it for the unique color, a burnt red-orange, but when I received it, I was apprehensive of the formula. It has a similar consistency to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, which just do not work for me. However, this creamy formula has pretty marvelous staying power and is very comfortable on the lips. I may buy another when it is restocked on 10/26 so I don’t run out!


Colourpop Tulle. This is a muted berry color that complements a variety of skintones. It’s bold, but is understated enough to wear in a variety of scenarios, even to work! Colourpop’s formula is significantly drier than most liquid lipsticks, and dries very fast, so you have to work very quickly when applying. However, once it’s on there, it’s on there to stay!

trust-issuesAnastasia Beverly Hills Trust Issues. Trust Issues is a similar color as Tulle, but it’s darker, more vibrant, and a little more purpley (is that a word? haha). This was the first ABH liquid lipstick that I purchased, and I really like the formula! It’s a thick cream that applies smoothly and dries down evenly.

unicorn-bloodJeffree Star Unicorn Blood. OH MY LAWD, this color. This is by far my all-time favorite for fall, my favorite red lipstick, my favorite lipstick period! It’s the most amazing deep red that looks good with so many different EOTDs. It always applies perfectly and it works with so many different skintones. I seriously recommend this to anyone that’s looking for a good red, because it’s downright amazing. Unf.

salemLime Crime Salem. This was the first liquid lipstick that I ever purchased, the one that started it all. It’s a beautiful chocolate brown that looks so 90s and grungey. It goes perfectly with warm-toned neutrals and oranges, like those in Morphe’s 35O palette or in the Lorac Mega Pro 2, but it will also work with a lot of other color families as well!

guessColourpop Guess. Guess is a super-dark purple, but in most lighting and in pictures, it pulls a blue-black color. I love this color because it makes my inner goth quite happy, but since it’s so extreme, it doesn’t get the amount of wear it deserves. I do like to wear this out to bars and other laidback places like that. It makes me feel like such a badass when i wear it, so I will definitely keep it around and continue to wear it!

Did any of these colors make your Fall Favorites list? What other colors do you think are perfect for fall? Comment below and tell me. I’m always down to discover new lip colors!

10 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Liquid Lipsticks!

  1. Wow these all look great on you! Application on point! I’m nit a big lippie person but I’m hoping to get into it some more. I can never be bothered redeploying so I’ll have to get way less lazy if I want to wear colours like these!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! You definitely should! I never messed with lip products that much until I got into liquid lipsticks because I was always self-conscious about bullet lipsticks or gloss wearing off, but liquids seriously last through anything! They take a lot of prep like exfoliating & moisturizing, but once you apply them they’re good to go. My favorite brand is LA Splash because they will even last through a steak dinner. I just didn’t have any fall shades by them to include in this post.


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