First Impressions: Lime Crime Velvetines – Squash

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Squash is described as a “glowstick orange.” I bought this product because I love orange lip colors and liquid lipsticks, so this was a win-win.


It took about a week to arrive, and I was honestly excited to try this product out. Lime Crime are known for their wild colored products and for catering to those with unique styles. I have purchased a few other Velvetines in the past, from 3rd parties, and I loved the formula. So naturally, I expected this product to be of the same quality.

Unfortunately, I was mistaken. When I opened the tube, I noticed the formula felt a little thicker than usual. It was extremely pigmented, but when I applied it, it went on very streaky. I added a little in certain areas to touch it up and it dried quickly. However, in the short time it took me for look it over in the mirror and then take the picture above, it began to crack and split. The other Velvetines I own have never done that.

I removed it and re-applied, thinking that maybe I just applied too much, but it continued to happen, even after just one streaky swipe across my lips.

I am very disappointed in this product. Not only was the formula sub-par and inconsistent with other Velvetines, but IMO the color was not quite what I expected either. In swatches it looked lovely, but it pulls very yellow-orange in person and reminds me of Velveeta.

Needless to say, I will not be wearing this again. I have not seen many swatches or reviews about the latest Lime Crime releases, but I’m hoping my review helps anyone who is thinking about buying this color!

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