Fall Favorites Tag!

Happy Monday, everyone! Today has been such a lovely fall day here! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the sun is shining. It’s so damn beautiful this time of year!

I decided to kick off the work week with a Fall Favorites post. As I mentioned before, fall is BY FAR my favorite season, so I had to share my list of faves with you guys!


  1. Favorite Candle – Heirloom Pumpkin/Pumpkin Pie by Bath & Body Works. Yes, I am one of those girls that’s obsessed with pumpkin everything. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin chili… You name it, chances are that I love it. This candle smells SO GOOD THOUGH. It seriously makes my apartment smell that I am baking all the pumpkin goodies 24/7. Love.
  2. Favorite Lip Color – Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood. This shade is the pinnacle fall lip color for me. It’s such a deep, beautiful red that’s vampy but also super wearable day or night! I am also a huge fan of JSC’s liquid lipstick formula, as mentioned in my previous post about Dirty Money & Posh Spice!
  3. Favorite Drink – Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. PSL season is my favorite season. Need I say more?
  4. Favorite Blush – Make Up For Ever HD Blush #220 Pink Sand. This blush pulls a dark dusty rose on me. The MUFE formula is so creamy, buildable, and a little goes such a long way! I only need a couple dabs stippled on my cheeks to get the flush I want.
  5. Favorite Clothing Item – Calvin Klien chunky, fringed grey scarf. I bought this my freshman year of college because it is seriously the softest, warmest, longest scarf I have ever seen. It goes with so many different looks and most importantly, it keeps ya girl warm! It’s long enough and wide enough to wrap around the lower half of my face, neck, and still have plenty of scarf left to cover my front. I need this more in late fall/early winter, but it’s a staple piece in my wardrobe!
  6. Favorite Fall Movie – Hocus Pocus! This is my favorite fall movie, but also in my top 5 favorite childhood movies too! Bette Midler is absolutely divine and plays the role of Winnie perfectly! I got this on DVD in Walmart’s $5 movie bin a few years ago and I watch it basically all Halloween!
  7. Favorite Fall TV Show – Sons of Anarchy. This show ended last December, but I watched it religiously during all 7 seasons. Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) is drop dead gorgeous, but the show is also brilliantly written and has a dynamite cast. I definitely recommend it.
  8. Favorite Thanksgiving Food – Pumpkin Pie! Pumpkin Pie has been a staple in my family’s Thanksgiving dinner spread since I was born. My mom still uses my grandmother’s recipe to make it and it’s soooo delicious.
  9. Favorite Halloween Costume – Wednesday Addams. I wish I could find pictures of this, but last year I was Wednesday Addams and went all out. I bought the wing, white makeup, a custom dress, the whole nine yards.

That wraps up my Fall Favorites! What are some of your favorites?

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